A Kid Was Getting Kidnapped In The Delhi Metro, The Way This Girl Saved Her Deserves A Salute

Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 2:46 pm

The true audacity of a person can only be judged during difficult times. A quora thread asked users to give some greatest examples of the presence of mind. Users came with a lot of applaudable answers but this one stood out.


We often see people whose actions look suspicious to us, but have we ever reacted to their activities? This girl showed that courage and saved a kid with her presence of mind. Read on to know her story…

I’d like to share something that my sister did.
This happened a couple of years ago.

While travelling to her work as a part of her daily routine in Delhi metro train, in a crowded train she spotted a little girl, 3-4 years of age who looked pretty drowsy.The girl looked like she belonged to a good family, travelling with a help, probably to school. But every time she woke up even a little, she seemed agitated and irritable and the guy would just put some sort of a handkerchief around her face saying, “Soja, beta, soja” (Sleep, kid), and she would just doze off again. Perhaps, it contained some sedative.

In a busy train, he just had to pretend he meant good. My sister smelled something fishy and it didn’t seem quite right. She asked a man if he thought the same but he asked her to mind her own business. She noticed the help guy was trying to contact somebody but wasn’t able to catch a network.

So what she did was an act of real courage and the thorough presence of mind.
She went up to the guy and asked him if she could borrow his phone, citing her mother was to pick her up.The guy complied. She made a call to her own phone, deleted her number from his mobile, and returned it. This way she acquired his number.When the next station was nearing, she made a call to his phone, muted her call, which made the guy get up and move away from the girl to catch a network.

As soon as the train gates opened, she grabbed the kid by her arm and dragged her out, pushing her on the ground so he couldn’t see her amidst all the crowd if he peeped out of the window.

She turned around to see the guy trying to find the girl on the train.

As soon as the train left, she shouted for the guards to rush, and later took the girl to the police, who, after she was sober enough called her parents up.

Her parents couldn’t thank her enough but she refused to meet them.

All I want to say is, it made us really proud of her. And what she did was some real show of presence of mind…
And heart.

This girl deserves a salute. The courageousness she has shown to save the kid is remarkable!

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