Woes At Delhi Golf Club: Caddie Professionals Banned; Bank Account Sealed Over Unpaid Dues

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3:54 pm 28 Mar, 2016


Caddie professionals and juniors cannot play at the Delhi Golf Club (DGC) following a ban that has snatched the only livelihood of these poor professionals.

Caddie professionals are those caddies who turn professional golfers. They teach golf as well as play at the golf clubs.

In a decision taken early in February this year by a committee of the Delhi Golf Club, the playing rights of some of these caddie professionals were restricted while others were banned outright.


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One of those whose playing time was restricted was Rashid Khan. Khan is a two-time winner of the Asian Tour. The new rules mean that he can play only after 4.30 pm in winter and 5.30 pm in summer, which would not let him practice for more than 3-5 holes. (A pro golfer needs to practice at least 18 holes.)

The aggrieved caddie professionals wrote to the Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu informing him of their plight.

They alleged that the police was called to throw them out, a charge which refuted by the DGC.




Rashid Khan takes a shot during the 2014 Asian Season. Sport-Asia

They also received support from top golf professionals in India even at the Indian Open in New Delhi.

But while the caddie professionals are voicing their angst against the ignoble treatment they are receiving at the hands of DGC, the elite golf club itself has landed in a mire of its own making.

The NDMC has sealed the bank account of Delhi Golf Club Limited (DGCL) for not paying dues amounting to Rs.727 crore.

The club had been served a notice in November 2015 to which it had not responded.


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