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SC Call’s Delhi’s Garbage Problem ‘Alarming’, Asks State Govt. To Ensure Timely Disposal

Published on 21 October, 2016 at 5:49 pm By

The Supreme Court on October 21 termed Delhi’s garbage problem as alarming and asked all concerned authorities, including Delhi’s AAP government, to devise a scheme which would ensure timely disposal of the garbage.



The apex court further objected to AAP’s plea that the MLAs should be kept apart from the sanitation drive, stating that it’s the job of local bodies.

“It’s a bully who blames others for problems. Don’t say MLAs have no responsibility in keeping the city clean. You have large number of MLAs and you must ask them to spread awareness about keeping the city clean.”

The apex also rapped the Delhi authority and government for having no proper disposal system in place and said people are “left to suffer” because of them.


Earlier this month the apex court had also criticized the Delhi government over their handling of dengue and chikungunya menace and observed that they here were just “not interested” in helping people.

They on October 21 said that the dengue matter would now be heard on November 11.




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