Ever Wondered Why Delhi’s Footpaths Have Speed Bumps? Because We Need Them

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10:57 pm 20 Jul, 2016

Delhi’s roads might be wider than most cities in India, but Delhi also supports a massive population, making our roads overcrowded most of the time. The metro has helped some but the number of cars on Delhi roads and Delhi’s pollution levels see a constant rise.

Pedestrians walking on Delhi’s footpaths have to sidestep hawkers, vendors, stray animals, and even speed breakers.

Footpath speed bump


In 2015 alone, there were 1,622 deaths caused by road accidents in Delhi; this gave Delhi the unwanted distinction of having the highest number of casualties for a city in the category. When the roads get busy, not only cycles and bikes but even small buses can be found driving on the footpaths, making speed bumps a necessity.


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