Deepika Padukone Took A Severely Injured Girl To A Hospital And Paid For Her Treatment

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1:26 pm 14 Jun, 2016


A female member of  Deepika Padukone’s publicity team got injured in an accident when they were on their way to a hotel in Juhu to have a meeting with Deepika.

As reported in HT:

“When Deepika heard about it, she rushed to check on her. The woman was badly injured, and was bleeding profusely. Since the injury was on her face, she was in a state of shock, but Deepika calmed her down.”


To get her prompt first aid, Deepika Padukone rushed with her to the nearest hospital. The source reported that she took care of all the expense at the hospital. Doctors and specialists were called by her to give her staff member the best of the best treatment.

As the girl lives alone in the city, hence, Deepika stayed in constant touch with her even when she got discharged from the hospital. The actress really went out of her way to help her and make sure she is fine.



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