Deepika’s Sister Trolled Her With Funny Meme But She Replied Back In Truly ‘Badass’ Way!

Updated on 28 May, 2018 at 4:18 pm


The talented and gorgeous Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone gives us one blockbuster after the other and the B-Town’s ‘Mastani’ is surely gearing up for another big reason to celebrate – her rumoured marriage with beau Ranveer Singh. Although the two have never publicly declared their love nest, they are expected to tie the knot this November as per reports.



Deepika is very candid about her personal life, but her 2.3M followers on Instagram keep getting regular updates about her life and movies. She recently got trolled for her outfit at Cannes Film Festival, but didn’t stop those camera clicks from doing their job!



Deepika has a younger sister Anisha Padukone who is an accomplished golfer. 27-year-old Anisha shares an unbreakable bond with her elder singling and the two sisters often twin in travels. Have a look at the Padukone sisters together:




The two sisters made their first television debut on anchor-actress Neha Dhupia‘s talk show “BFF With Vogue“. Their show was one of the most watched episodes of the show and they teased each other about life and relationships .



Although Neha’s show was just a glimpse of their love-hate bond, they love each other to death. The sisters often attend public functions together and even bond over family holidays when they are free.




Check out their cuteness in this #throwback picture from Deepika’s Instagram:


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Talking of Instagram, Anisha just took to her account and took a dig at her big sister. Not sure of the reason than just plain fun, she shared a hilarious meme that will make you ROFL. Check it out:



This meme showing a growling dog’s different expressions ‘at home’ and a smiling one ‘in public’ is really funny. Although Anisha dedicated it to DeePee, this post isn’t for public. So one got hold of it thanks to Deepika herself, who shared it on her Instagram page!

Deepika shared it with caption, “After a hard day at work, this is what my little sister sends me”. Check it out:



If that’s not all, Deepika couldn’t sit back at being bullied by her own sister in public! She took a ‘sweet’ and ‘badass’ revenge by posting another picture of her sister stuffed with ‘Laddu‘ in her mouth (an Indian sweet) and those weird expressions. This is what Deepika had in store for Anisha (oops!):



Meanwhile, Anisha has a new follower on Instagram and this one is definitely for keeps – it’s none other than her future brother-in-law Ranveer Singh! Not one to hold back the favour, Anisha followed him back too! Here’s the proof:



Since Deepika keeps her personal life fairly private, such fun moments definitely get a thumbs up from her million fans. Thanks to Anisha, we saw Deepika’s chilled side as well! What did you think of her savage reply? Tell us in the comments.