Deepika Padukone Is Shamed, Again, Because Some People Couldn’t Digest The Way She Parties

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6:42 pm 6 Nov, 2017


We know that Deepika Padukone is a megastar and she is idolized by millions. But one must not forget that she is a human, too. Since the emergence of Instagram, slut-shaming has become quite an infamous phenomena and actresses are very easy targets.

Some time back, Deepika Padukone was shamed for looking drunk at designer Manish Malhotra’s party. People used their judging antennas and labeled her “Bhand as AF”



Well, the history repeats itself. This time, she partied with the young Kapoors at the ‘Padmavati’ bash and trolls found the way, again.

Raj Kapoor’s grand-sons, Armaan Jain and Adar Jain, posted these picture with Deepika Padukone which made the headlines:

Thank you for a blurry evening, love you always!! ❤️ @deepikapadukone #aboutlastnight

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About last night! Thank you @deepikapadukone

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Some found her drunk.


Some found her complicated. I mean, really?


 Deepika Padukone = Rahul Gandhi. No




Grow up, people!