Has Deepika Padukone Lost Her Mental Balance?

5:56 pm 10 Oct, 2018


Shocked to see the headline? Agreed, it’s a click-worthy title to lure you into reading about this issue that is plaguing the youths of India but discussing it still attracts negative responses from many. Can you guess what? Well, today we are going to talk about the aspect of mental illness in Indian youths. In 2014, superstar Deepika Padukone came out to talk about the ‘tabooed’ subject of mental illness. She was suffering from clinical depression. Since then, she has always been vocal about spreading awareness on mental health issues.

Again, she took to Twitter on World Mental Health Day to further fuel this slow-paced movement on awareness. Before getting into any other discussions, here’s what she shared:



Naturally, people supported her and also shared their feelings by using the #NotAshamed. Read some of the tweets here:









In a country with such a huge population of youths, about 65% shows signs of depressions. However, most never come forward to share their condition or experience in fear of societal judgment.

What people forget is that mental illness is the silent killer than ruins not only a single life but families. The pressure of log mujhe pagal bolenge is actually ruining lives across the nation.




With rising pressure in jobs and responsibilities at home along with varied life experiences, the occurrence of mental health issues isn’t surprising. However, there is a dire need for people to get out of their shell of prejudices and accept that mental health issues are real which needs to be treated. What do you think?