Deepika Padukone Finally Talked About The Fees She Charged For ‘Padmavati’

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7:06 pm 2 Nov, 2017


Ever since Deepika Padukone debuted in Bollywood with ‘Om Shanti Om’ in 2007, graph of her success and popularity has only been increasing. The actress is now touted as the highest paid actress of Bollywood and is often asked questioned about her remuneration in a number of interviews. She has however, never given any clear-cut answers on these questions so far.

Recently, the actress showed up at the launch of 3D trailer of ‘Padmavati’ and since she is playing the titular role in the film, she was the highlight of the event. The actress looked absolutely stunning in a black traditional outfit.


Deepika Padukone at the launch of 3D version trailer of ‘Padmavati’ NDTV

But what was even more noteworthy was her killer wit and attitude. There has been a huge buzz in media about Deepika’s paycheck for ‘Padmavati’ being fatter than her two male co-stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor.



There have been gossips in the industry and media that she is paid a whopping Rs.12 crore for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film. And the piece of rumor is worth contemplation since it is a known fact that Bollywood actresses are not even paid equal to their male counterparts, let alone fetching more money than them.


Sanjay Leela Bhansali, producer and director of ‘Padmavati’ Midday

Perhaps this is the reason, media persons interacting with Deepika at the event wanted her to put all these rumors to rest by revealing some information and yet again asked her about her remuneration. But she kept quite on the amount she fetched.

As per report by Deccan Chronicle, upon being asked whether she is paid more than Shahid and Ranveer, Deepika took pride in saying,

“Talking about my remuneration isn’t exciting. But I am proud and confident about the money I get. What makes me happy is that they (producers) have invested so much money in a film, which has a poster featuring me on it. That makes me proud.”


Deepika said she is proud about the money she gets NDTV

Commenting upon the film being female-centric, she said,

“In terms of scale, budget and resources, its a huge film. We have seen strong female parts on-screen in different films in different ways. I think Padmavati is the beginning of great things women have in films.”


Fans have loved Deepika’s unibrow look in Padmavati Deccanchronicle

She went on to talk about her unibrow look in the film, that is appreciated by her fans as well, and said,


“Women have been conditioned to think of beauty in a certain way. I am glad we changed it with my look. It takes immense amount of belief, not just for me but for my director as well, to take that risk.”