Here’s What Happened When Deepika Padukone Saw Katrina Kaif’s Car Outside Her Gym

6:10 pm 8 Mar, 2018


Whether it is the fashion trends or some huge catfights, Bollywood caters it all. And when we talk about catfights between some well-known Bollywood actresses, then it comes out as no surprise to see a sheer number in that. Well, here we are talking about ‘not-so-good terms’ between Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif. The two have always been clear about not liking each other and hence, try to avoid facing each other several times.

Well, something same happened yet again. Lately, Deepika spotted Katrina’s car outside her gym and this is what she did the next moment.

To be honest, there is no love lost between Ranbir Kapoor’s ex-girlfriends DP and Kaif. The two never find themselves comfortable if and when they come face to face.

Well, DP who is undergoing severe back pain decided to hit the fitness studio of celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala for some back-strengthening-and-relief workout session known as ‘Swan Dive’.

However, when Deepika reached Yasmin’s studio, she took a U-turn and headed back to her place. Wondering what she saw there that led her to do this?


Well, DP saw Katrina’s car parked in the gym parking. As soon as she realized that Katrina might be inside the gym, she did not step further and went back.


As Katrina and Deepika have the same fitness trainer i.e. Yasmin, it was quite obvious to spot them both together in the same gym.


Seems like DP did not want to face Kaif and so she found the decision to return back as appropriate. Do you have anything to say on this? Tell us in comments.

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