Deepika Padukone And Fawad Khan Look Like A Dream In This Beautiful Photograph

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4:16 pm 3 Aug, 2016

We recently saw the two eye candies Deepika Padukone and Fawad Khan burning down the floor at India Couture Week (ICW).

No one was spared from the charm of these two and the royal way they walked the stage together holding hands.

I think that would have been Ranveer’s ‘MOST JEALOUS MOMENT’. Come on! Girls die for one look of Fawad’s and his girl was holding Fawad’s hand.



But that wasn’t enough. A fan of Deepika and Fawad just edited a dream-like photograph of the two and we just couldn’t take it.


OMG! Just look at the picture. After seeing this, I so much want to see them together on the silver screen.



Ranveer, are you feeling jealous again? Well, I am asking you this again because when it comes to editing, people do THIS to you!






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