Thanks Deepika Padukone, We Need This Powerful Video For Everyone Who Brushes Off Their Friends’ Silence As Nothing

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3:16 pm 13 Oct, 2016

In this technology driven, fast-paced world, we hang out with friends, we often text them ”what’s up” and we chill them at the most exotic places in the name of travel. However, if ever there’s a moment of silence with a bland reply of ”I’m fine” or ”everything is okay”, we accept it easily. If they look low, we cheer them up with loud music or a bottle of beer. But, is that enough?

Friendship shouldn’t and cannot be just about hanging out. No one’s life can be as bland to be put up as ”Fine”. We just do not bother to ask them again or probe them to share their feelings. We might be growing physically and technologically closer, but honestly, we are drifting way too apart emotionally.



Deepika Padukone has been publicly open about her depression. Her foundation ”Live Love Laugh” is a living proof of her efforts to help those in need of a listening ear. More often than, a friend who understands and listens can be much more beneficial than a counselor or a dose of medicine.

Watch this compelling video and realize the importance of probing your friends to share their story, their emotions, and vulnerabilities without judgments.

Please, dobara poocho


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