Deepika Chowdhury Is India’s First Woman Bodybuilding Champion And You Never Heard Of Her

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7:41 pm 24 Apr, 2015


If you thought muscles and abs are for men, then you need to think again. The 30-year-old Deepika Chowdhury is a tough competition.

Deepika became the first Indian woman to represent India and win in an International Fitness competition which was held in USA recently. Speaking to DNA she said that she has accomplished the feat in just two years with sheer determination and self discipline.


The Maharashtra-based Deepika, who has been working at National Institute of Virology (NIV) for nine years, said that she was inspired after she attended a seminar conducted by world renowned fitness coach Shannon Dey held at Delhi in 2012.

“I got my training and diet programme from Bombshell Fitness and started my workouts in Pune. I also attended an athletics camp in March 2013 at Florida, US.”




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Deepika has strict workout schedule which includes one-and-half hour weight training in the evening and 30 minutes cardio training ahead of a competition.

“I never cheat on my meals or skip my training and stick to my plans. Consistency and discipline is what has got me to win in my first attempt at an international competition.”

But she is saddened by the lack of awareness for fitness sports in India and especially for women.

“We do not encourage children in this sport and there is no respect for women in such a competition. When I can do it anybody can do it.”



Well, kudos to her! Hope she continues to make India proud.