OMG! Deepak Thakur Knew In Advance That He Will Be Featured In Bigg Boss 12?

7:22 pm 19 Sep, 2018


Bigg Boss is a place which is equal for all. You may enter as a commoner but you definitely leave as a celeb. Over the past couple of seasons, we have seen people making their mark and leaving an impression in the Bigg Boss house. One such commoner contestant who has really won some hearts is Deepak Thakur. The singer seems to be a simple and modest guy, who is not yet familiar with what Bigg Boss house has to offer. Well, we know that it’s starting anyways, hence it is obvious.

It obvious that he will take a good amount of time to adjust according to the surroundings of the Bigg Boss house. I can kind of connect with Deepak Thakur, just think about it, a simple guy who has never been a part of something this huge.




We all have seen how strongly he kept his points against Neha Pendse in front of Hina and Hiten Tejwani who made a special appearance on the show, during a task. And, We all know how spot-on he was with his expression!



For those who don’t know, Deepak has sung for the movies Gangs of Wasseypur, Gangs of Wasseypur 2, and Mukkabaaz. The singer has entered the Bigg Boss house with his biggest fan Urvashi Vani. Now you get it right, what the concept of vichitra jodi is!



Now, Bigg Boss Khabri recently shared a video via its official Instagram handle in which Deepak can be seen having a nice time with his fellow contestants, Saba Khan, Nirmal Singh, and Romil Choudhary to be precise. What has grabbed the eyeballs is that How Deepak is saying that he knew since his past life that he is going to be on the Bigg Boss show this time. Read again if you don’t believe me.



Certainly, he is joking with the fellow housemates. But, his expression makes you want to believe in his story. If you ask me, I think that with his presence of mind, he is gonna go far in the game. Do you feel the same?

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