Deep Mystery: Argentina Ghost Town Which Thrived For Several Decades Under Water Reappears

12:32 pm 28 Mar, 2014


Trees got burned, village got submerged and almost a quarter century of this town was under water. Town name Epecuen was once a beautiful lakeside resort where tourist were served in large numbers. Visitors do love to come here and to relax in Epecuen’s saltwater baths and spas because it contains 10 times more salt than the ocean. Tourists, especially people from Buenos Aires’ large Jewish community, enjoyed floating in water that reminded them of the Dead Sea in the Middle East.

In Nov 10, 1985 whole town became a ghost when it was submerged under 33 feet of corrosive salt water due to heavy rainstorm. A man name Pablo Novak who is 82 still refused to leave this town and still welcoming people who comes there. Check out the images below.


1. Aerial picture of the ruins of Villa Epecuen


aerial picture of the ruins

2. The layout of the streets from air

villa epecuen

3. The outlines of Villa Epecuen, Argentina, still partially flooded

lago epecuen

4. Dead trees and ruined buildings

ruined building

5. Former lakeside resort of Villa Epecuen, Argentina

lakeside resort

6. Slaughter House

slaughter house

7. A view down a former street among the ruins of Villa Epecuen



8. Norma Berg gestures next to the ruins of her family house

ruins of house

9. Submerged Villa Epecuen

submerdeg villa epecuen

10. Ruined buildings and a rusting vehicle

rusting vehicle

11. Rusty bedframes

rusty bedframes

12. Wall of a collapsed building

cracked wall

13. A staircase to nowhere

stair to nowhere

14.  Pablo Novak(82) refused to leave the town

lone inhabitant

15. Dead Trees

dead tress

16. Front end of a ruined vehicle

ruined vehicle

17. A Ghost forest

ghost forest

18. Sunset



 19. The road leading to the cemetery of Carhue

road to cemetery


20. A man compares a photograph of Villa Epecuen taken in the 1970’s with the current state of the place

past days


Credit: The Atlantic