12 Things You Will Understand If You Are Deep In Life

5:00 pm 2 Jul, 2015

People who are deep in life have a totally different outlook of everything. They have a different lifestyle and a distinct way of looking at things all together. You might at times not relate to their point of view as their perspectives are totally different. So here’re 12 things you will understand if you are deep in life.

1. Overthinking is your passion.

You have the ability to overthink your overthinking as you are lost in your thoughts most of the time. You will keep finding reasons and topics to overthink.


2. You are mostly straightforward.

You would directly say anything to the point rather than beating around the bush.


3. You mostly click different abstract pictures which are deeply meaningful rather than casual pictures.


4. Your philosophical mode is on 24×7.


5. You love reading poems and books of authors of the past.


6. You keep a diary to write down your thoughts.


7. Most of the time people just don’t understand your jokes as they are too deep for them to swim in.


8. You are fierce and different and not afraid to take risks in life.


9. You are mostly soft spoken and sophisticated.


10. You have your own point of views about life.


11. You see people and things with a different perspective.


12. You are not judgemental.

You understand how every face is hiding a story.



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