Decoding A PIN Code Was Never So Easy!

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2:49 pm 18 Nov, 2015

PIN – Postal Index Number was introduced on August 15, 1972. A correct address with the 6 digit PIN code enables the post to reach the addressee promptly. Do you know how it works? Let’s learn how to decode a PIN code.


1. The first digit of the PIN code represents the region.

  • North- 1, 2
  • West- 3, 4
  • South- 5, 6
  • East- 7,8
  • Army- 9

(In this case it is South)



2. Second digit represents the state sub region.

(In this case it is Telangana)



State sub regions as per second digit on combining with the first digit



3. The third digit of a PIN code indicates the district.

(In this case it is Hyderabad/Rangareddy)



4. The last three digits are the post office number.

(In this case KPHB Colony post office)



5. This is how your PIN code helps the postal services to deliver your mails on time.


Now, check out yours!

Credit: Factly


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