A Deaf Uber Driver’s Emotional Note For His Passengers Went Viral On Social Media. Check It Out Here

11:31 am 30 Apr, 2018


Life isn’t fair” are not just words but emotions which come out when we hold negative attitudes towards life. People make tasks impossible themselves by accepting defeat first, rather than facing the realities and often get themselves into a more complex situation than it would have been. If cribbing and crying over fate was the solution, everyone in this world would have been happy.



But, for one deaf person, he decided to not mourn over his in-capabilities, but instead, embrace it. Not only did he change his life but he also set up perfect example for the world that being ‘differently-able’ isn’t a curse. Onur Kerey is a London-based deaf Uber driver who has set this example straight.




Uber has become an integral part of our lives. Some rides are memorable because of irrational drivers, while others are due to pleasant drivers, who go great lengths to make it the best trip of your life. Onur falls in the latter category.



If you got welcomed by him, you’ll be greeted with such a sweet message, that it will be impossible to give him anything less than the 5-star rating or probably he deserves even more!



Onur is now not just a driver, but pretty much a celebrity, thanks to his heartwarming message for his passengers which has touched many hearts. Not only does he introduce himself, but informs that they are hitching a ride with a deaf person and therefore, has laid down ways to communicate with him.



He has a special request to his passengers as well and it seems he’s a musical guy apart from being creative and communicative! He would like you to play ‘strong bass‘ preferably, so that he can enjoy it too! Check out this message which a rider by the name @lilghostgirl who posted on Twitter:



Onur left us impressed by his use of the cool sunglasses emoji, isn’t it? The use of notepad and texting is simply too cool to get your message across to him. The Twitter user shared the screenshot of his message, by captioning it even more beautifully:



And you’ll be happy to know that Onur is active on social media too! Since this tweet got viral, he too, reciprocated with this message:



This entire incident has caught the attention of none other than Nyle DiMarco, an American model-actor and deaf activist, who seems to be looking forward to their London ride together!



And as expected (by now), Onur replied to him as well. Check out his prompt response:



As if this wasn’t getting enough attention, some Twitter users decided to pitch in for the ride and requested a ride with him when in London. Look at some of the reactions:

This one by a user called Muyiwa Awoniyi:





And finally, the inevitable happened- when Uber too jumped into this conversation and thanked the Uber rider for sharing her experience with and about Onur on social media. Here’s what the company posted:



Well, we won’t mind hitching a ride with Onur if he drive from London to India, but we surely salute his attitude and positive outlook to life. Thanks Onur for teaching us both ad all the best.




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