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The 10-Year Challenge Between Deadpool and Wolverine Is Going To Leave You Rolling In Laughter

Published on 21 January, 2019 at 5:06 pm By


In what started in a casual way, the #10YearChallenge is on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, has taken the internet by storm. Just like Bollywood, a lot of celebrities are taking it up in Hollywood as well. We all know that the challenge began this January and we have had many celebrities posting their picture collage of 10-year comparison. It is an interesting concept which has brought even the commoners jumping in the pool. A recent incident which started doing the rounds on social media began when Deadpool Movie decided to troll Hugh Jackman’s memorable character, Wolverine from X Men Origins. Read ahead to know the story.

Hugh Jackman bid adios to his character Logan after 17 long years, but this recent Twitter face-off between Deadpool movie and Wolverine is going to leave you in splits and bring back the memories of X-Men: Origins.


Guess what, Deadpool’s official twitter account Deadpool Movie decided to revive the character of Wolverine and they posted a picture of X-Men Origins: Wolverine stills from 2009 where you can spot Hugh Jackman claws out and a second picture in which we see him walking away.



This picture instantly became viral and got over 66,000 likes and has been retweeted 16,000 times. The tweet says:


Deadpool didn’t stop here, they even targeted Colossus. Here is what got tweeted :


Whatever might be the case, we might not see the real Wolverine coming back and these pictures have definitely reignited the old memories and there was and will be only one Logan.


Here is how people reacted to the same:

It appeared people were intimidating Deadpool


This was hilarious


And this is for Wade?

— HenryHoYinLau (@HenryHoYinLau1) January 18, 2019

You don’t mess with Logan




How did you find this 10 Year Challenge face-off, lets us know by dropping your comments below?

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