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16 Of The Deadliest Roads In India Only The Bravest Should Drive On

Updated on 11 December, 2017 at 2:56 pm By

When we call them deadliest, that’s an understatement. These roads are every driver’s living nightmare and need a steady pair of hands and a mind that does not waiver even for the fraction of a second.


But, that said, there are amongst us, dare devils souls, who are in search for such nerve wrecking adventure. For you guys, here’s a list of the deadliest roads in the country to go out on this summer.

But don’t blame us, as we warned you in advance.

1. Khardung La, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Elevation: 17,582 feet

Have you ever driven on an unpaved road, lined with frozen ice? This is your chance to try your hand maneuvering on a slippery and narrow trail.


The only compensation is the breathtaking views all around. Below, for example, is the majestic view of the Leh Valley from Khardung La pass.



2. Jalori Pass, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation: 10,800 feet

Bad is an understatement for this road. Test your driving skills by driving in the first gear, at less than 20 kmph. The curves will tempt you, but you need to be extremely cautious.

A must-try for all driving enthusiasts.


3. Rohtang Pass, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation: 13,054 feet

The pass is famous for long traffic jams that test your patience to the limit. Add to that almost 2 kms of mud and muck from the melting snow.


The bottle neck at Rani Nallah will test your driving skills alright. The road leading to the pass is pretty much like this:


It has even scared the government and forced it to build an 8.8 km tunnel as an alternative.

4. Bara-lacha La, Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation: 16,043 feet

This a tough one for even the most experienced drivers. A lack of oxygen and high gradient can prove to be treacherous for anybody. Get ready to drive through flowing streams and melting snow.


And this is where you finally reach.


5. Nathu La, Sikkim, India

Elevation: 14,140 feet

It is one of the highest motor-able roads in the world leading to the Indo-China international border. You might not find people here, but you will surely find the world’s highest ATM here.

Travelers beware! No medical or service station on this stretch, come prepared.


You can even go shake hands with some Chinese guards here.


6. Kinnaur Road, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation: 22,362 ft feet

Imagine the thrill and fear of driving under a cliff which looks like it could drop anytime. To make it worse, there is a 100 feet deep gorge on the other side.


Reach Taranda Dhank and the perpendicular cliffs will beckon you to visit again. The road is also treacherous for falling boulders and landslide. Novice drivers beware!


7. Koli Hills Road, Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

Elevation: 4265 feet

The literal meaning of Koli Malai is ‘Mountains of Death’. Enough said.

Nowhere else in the world will you find a road that has continuous 70 hairpin bends. It takes a huge supply of patience to go on navigating those, without getting distracted by the nature’s wonders all around.


8. Keylong – Kishtwar Road, Keylong, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation: 10,100 feet

It is one of the scariest and exciting roads in the world. At some places, half your tyre is out and you see no road ahead at all. Not the kind of road someone with a faint heart should drive on. Like never.


It’s no less than a rock cut wonder and it’s scary as hell.


9. Leh – Manali Highway, Keylong, Himachal Pradesh

Elevation: 10,100 feet

One of the most sought after roads in the country. If you witness the world’s highest mountain passes in one summer, you know where to go.


The brochures sadly only capture the views, they forget to mention the pebbled road, which turns deadly when the rains come in.


And there is hardly any mention of mud either.


10. National Highway 22

The 459 kms long highway, starts from Ambala, passes through Himachal Pradesh and ends around Khab on the Chinese border. The last section of the road has extensive number of hairpin turns and roads with cliffs hanging above them.


11. Neral-Matheran Road, Maharashtra

A steep mountain road, there is patch of about 9 kms, where the road folds through steep curves with plenty of blind bends every minute.


12. Marsimik La, Leh, Kashmir and Kashmir

Elevation: 18,953 feet

Marsimik La is high mountain pass in the Chang-Chemno Range and it is among the highest motor-able passes in the world.

There is hardly a road here and the trail can often go missing.


13. Pangsau Pass, Patkai Hills on the India – Burma border

Elevation: 3,727 feet

Not very much above the sea level, but the road is all gravel and sand, and when it rains, the road transforms into an unfriendly swamp.


14. Bum La Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

Elevation:  16,500 feet

The disastrous conditions of the road call for the most seasoned and competent drivers, who will also feel jittery for their life, once here.


15. Munnar Road, Kochi, Kerala

One of the most scenic drives in India, the Munnar Road is steep and takes too many twists and turns along the way.


16. Grand Trunk Road

The Grand Truck Road built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century happens to the be the longest road in South Asia, with both good and worse patches for driving.




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