Indian Govt. Was Seizing Dawood’s Hawala Money, While He Thought He Was Being Swindled

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3:59 pm 12 Sep, 2016

According to news reports, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim for past few years thought that he was being cheated by his own men, as he along with his core team were flustered about the fact that Hawala money was going nowhere.

Further, they thought that someone from their own gang had gone away with the money and were going rogue.


It has now emerged that it was not his men who were swindling him, but the Indian government who were tracking his business in several countries and working behind curtains to cripple the Dawood gang.

In a recent India Today report, it was learnt that Dawood was not cheated, but the Indian government got several of his transactions in UAE, Canada, UK and Australia seized.

In last two years, Dawood has lost about Rs 40 crore and the Indian government has also managed to convince governments of many other countries to keep a track on his business.

They have also agreed to share details of big transactions that Dawood makes with the Indian agencies.


With their help, the Indian intelligence agencies have been successful in getting five to six of his hawala transactions seized in Dubai, Canada, UK and Australia.

One such transaction that was frozen was being routed through India-Dubai-Canada-Dubai-India.

With this, the intelligence agencies are now able to track the front-men of Dawood’s gang in India and other countries and would soon be able to bring them to law.


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