Daughter Of Ex-BSP Minister Enters Girls’ School With Hunter, Beats Up Students

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:31 pm

What will you do when you find out that your kid has been bullied in school? Leaves you with a choice to take the fair path or take things in your own hand. This woman decided to take a hunter in her hands and teach a lesson or two to girls bullying her daughter. But will you justify her deed?

Daughter of ex-BSP minister, Haji Yakub Qureshi, in Meerut broke into an all girl’s school with her daughter and 8-10 armed men. Though the school staff tried to stop the group from entering, nothing worked.


An atmosphere of fear prevailed in the school with the presence of armed people in the school. As the staffers wondered about their intention, the woman with the hunter peeped inside every class looking for her daughter’s bullies. As soon as her target was located, she entered the class and started beating four girls with the hunter.



The granddaughter of Haji Yakub Qureshi, and daughter of the woman with the hunter, Ramaqsha is a student of class 8 in the same school. The girl did not attend classes for a few days, taking advantage of her absence; some of her classmates complained to the teacher that she is going out with her boyfriend. When the mother got to know about the rumors, she decided to take such a drastic step.


Eye-witnesses said that Ramaqsha’s mother entered the school around 8 am. She barged into the class with two other women and 8-10 armed men. She then started beating Elisa, Ilmla, Paranu, and Shahar with her hunter.


It is notable that Haji Yakub has distanced himself from the incident and stated that no violent measures were taken by any of his family members. However, he didn’t deny the visit to the school informing that the group was visiting the school only to discuss the matter of the false complaint.



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