Rajinikanth’s Daughter Finds His Movies ‘Over The Top’, Find Out What She Said

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12:04 pm 16 Dec, 2016


Superstar Rajnikanth might be worshipped and admired by million of fans, but when it comes to his own family, his eldest daughter Aishwarya R Dhanush is his biggest critic.


Rajnikanth with daughter Aishwarya. DNA India

At a recent event where Aishwarya launched her debut book “Standing On An Apple Box”, she spoke about many things including her her superstar father Rajnikanth, his “over the top” movies and her husband Dhanush.

While Rajni is known across the globe for his antics, Aishwarya feels that he goes “over-the-top” in some of his films and says that she politely keeps on pointing it out to him.

“I am one of his biggest critics. I feel that some of his movies are a bit over-the-top,and keep reminding him the same, without sounding harsh”.

She also spoke about the bond that her father and actor husband Dhanush share, and said that they both have a mutual admiration for each other on both personal and professional front.

“Dhanush has been a fan of my father since his childhood. They share mutual respect for each other. Also, the fact that Dhanush made it big on his own and not because he is someone’s son-in-law is something my father deeply admires.”

Aishwarya, who in her debut book has drafted a semi-fictional memoir of the good, bad and ugly of being the daughter of one of the most celebrated actors in India, said that she has dedicated this books to all the “star kids” out there as they “managed to retain their sensibility and sanity,” despite being in the spotlight.

“People should understand that this comes with its own pros and cons. We are under constant scrutiny, and people expect only perfection out of you.”

As a mother of two, she says with her own kids she makes sure to keep them away from the spotlight so they can have a “normal childhood”.


“They are only allowed to watch their father’s or grand-father’s films, besides animated movies. In fact, they hardly know about any star other than their father and grand-father. This is deliberate.I don’t want them to limit themselves with this profession. Because, that should not happen by default, but out of interest. I would love to see them become a scientist for that matter.”

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