15 Best Dating Tips For Shy Guys

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Updated on 12 Mar, 2016 at 2:32 pm


Whoever said that introverts face a really difficult time in getting a date is absolutely wrong. You just need the perfect partner who can understand you, that’s it. And, if you are wondering how to start it all, simply go through this article to find some amazing ways you can find the perfect date for yourself:


1. Try your hand at online dating! It’s really not that tough.

When you date online, you get time to write and express yourself. More than anything else, you can set your filters and look for a date suited to your preferences.


2. Meet new people by joining a class or by volunteering for some cause.

After all, being with people who share the same interests just increases your chances of finding the perfect date!


3. If you like your classmate, you can start by offering to become a study-buddy!

This way you would get to spend more time with each other, and know the person better.


4. Never shy away from seeking a friend’s help.

At least some of your friends will want to see you happy, and will be more than willing to set you up with someone nice!


5. Gather some courage and have a night life.

Stop being a couch potato, and have some fun! Who knows what’s in store for you out there!


6. Body language makes or breaks a person!

Stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling. Get some confidence and try to look charming. The crossed arms, no eye contact and fidgeting need to stop ASAP.


7. A talkative date might not be your ideal choice. You need somebody who understands you.

If you plan to stay mum, and want the date to talk, why do you need to date at all?


8. Start by having short conversations; a simple hello and a smile can be great ways to start a conversation


All you need is practice. So, if you want a date, do it.


9. Choose a café with a live band and good music, it will relax you and your date.

Music on the first date is a great add-on. If nothing else, you can always talk about the music.


10. If you still want to play it safe, take her out to cultural spots like museums and art galleries

You won’t be required to talk much. Simply be with your date, and marvel at the beautiful pieces of art…together.


11. A movie is a wonderful idea: just be together, enjoy the company and the movie sans much talking!

And, you shall also get a taste of her style and preferences.


12. More than anything else, DO NOT pretend to be an extrovert.

Well, it may just make you look ridiculous. So, be normal, and yourself.


13. Listen carefully, make mental notes and impress her with how much you retained.

After all, you are a good listener, isn’t it?


14. You have every right to voice your opinion, so do that!

If you don’t want to go to a noisy night club, then say so. No point in tagging along and feeling awkward later.


15. Go ahead and drink, but please do not get drunk.

For others it might work; for you, lowered inhibitions come with huge risks. Don’t invite a stranger to smash you!