14 Things To Expect When Dating Someone Raised By Really Strict Parents

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10:00 am 27 Nov, 2015


Dating someone with strict parents means there is a sign board for you – “beware”.

It’s like this dear folks – people with strict parents are used to being driven into things in a different way. Apparently, it will take them some time to cross over their Lakshman Rekha set by their parents. Be patient. Give them wings to fly. Be there to support when they stumble. And see how amazingly grounded these sweethearts can be.

Here’s a list of things you may have to deal with if your guy’s or girl’s parents are strict:



1. For the first few dates, they may hesitate to go out on weekdays, even when they are living away from home.

Their mommy has ingrained in them that early to bed and early to rise will make them a good person.


2. Dating on Sundays may not always be possible; Sundays are supposed to be family days!

While Sunday may be the only day of the week when the two of you are completely free, given the strict parent scenario, your girlfriend or boyfriend may have to stay home with their family, instead of coming out on a date.


3. If you are planning to stay out late, warn them in advance; they have to inform their folks about it and get permission.

They might just get a panic attack if you don’t.


4. You can’t talk to them about the next big thing on TV.

Netflix and HBO TV series may be banned at home. Honest confessions about their ignorance of the high rated TV serials might take you by surprise.

For many years since they were just three feet above ground, they were only allowed to watch sixty minutes of TV daily.


5. They may start feeling guilty if you suggested watching two movies back-to-back for a date.

They have been taught to believe that too many movies will decay their brain.


6. If you fiddle with the phone on a dinner date, they might call it quits.

They were brought up with a ‘no gadget on the dining table’ rule.


7. Don’t even dare suggest eating pizza on the sofa during a cricket match.

Your intellect might get compared to that of a caveman.


8. Eating out from the chicken bucket or the takeaway Chinese may not be their style.

These people were brought up the right way and will offer you a plate and cutlery on a date.


9. How many of us will offer to clear the kitchen and clean up after a dinner date?

That’s when you realize just how benevolent and humanly they are!

Hang onto them for life.


10. You may get evaluated for your teeth brushing and hand washing skills.

If you finish in less than sixty seconds, they might get paranoid about you passing on germs to them. No kidding.


11. There is a fixed time slot for calling their folks, which is non-negotiable.

All your dates have to either finish before it or start after s/he is done talking to parents.


12. The response – “I am busy, mom, can’t talk!” is invalid when it comes to calls from home.

Bear with it, please. Don’t make them choose between you and their folks even if you spent a week (and half your month’s salary) on planning a romantic dinner. Let them have the sweet five minutes’ phone call and they are all yours.


13. The good side – they will be most comfortable in meeting your parents.

Being polite and full of manners comes naturally to them. No sweat.


14. They are likely to be cleanliness freaks. You will never see their bed unmade or shoes thrown all over the place.

Don’t take offense if they chide you for being untidy. It’s all in good faith.


15. Take care of them when they get some really rebellious ideas.

They might just want to pick fights with a cop, beat someone up, flunk or lose a well paying job – all because they are so unhappy with their loved ones dictating dos-and-don’ts all the time.


If you are dating such a person – the best thing you can do is to help them keep the good things their parents taught and unlearn everything else (without causing any irreversible damage).



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