Watch Him Breaking Down Dating Rules For Indian Guys – Right On!

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6:00 pm 2 Dec, 2015

You know it is not a cake walk to date an Indian girl. You can’t just netflix-n-chill. You have got a lot of things to take care of. For example, her mom’s call, her brother’s friends, her timings and her safety. You can’t just chill anytime, anywhere. You’ve got to PLAN.

Here’s Kenny Sebastian breaking down scenarios where you guys need to take a note:


1. Her mom’s call

Don’t disturb that. Because if you screw THIS, you are going to screw your date for life.



2. Don’t try to make your girlfriends jealous

As per Census’ 11, there are 940 females per 1,000 males. YOU are one lucky guy if she’s ceasing her six other options for you. So, don’t you try showing off about that one crazy lady flirting with you. Because, well, if she starts, there’s no end to it.



3. You have to drop her to the auto

Guys, you might suck at it – but you HAVE to do this. India is a pretty ‘unsafe zone’ for women. So, get hit by an auto, show your logical physics or judge the auto-wallah – just get her an auto. It shows your character and more importantly, that you care.

No matter how cliched that sounds, but throw that line – “Text me when you reach home”.



4. You never just say, “Sorry”

Pre-plan it , act it and make it all the way filmy – while you make sure it still sounds real. But don’t just say one word – Sorry. Make it dramatic, boys!



Did you get it boyfriend?

Watch this awesome guy on YouTube here.

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