17 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl Who Reads

Updated on 29 Apr, 2015 at 12:10 pm


This one’s for all the single guys, looking out for smart young girls— those who are not too clingy or too complaining!

No, we are not being preposterous. You should date a girl who reads; you should at least be friends with some.

1. The cost of dating a girl who reads is a beautifully wrapped book.

They’re not high maintenance and so you don’t have to bring diamonds and Dior’s.


A book will do the trick. It will make them smile.


2. No more fighting over the TV remote.

Every time you want to watch TV, just give her a book, make her a big mug of coffee & some refreshments and there you go.

You’re free to watch IPL or Manchester United and Chelsea match, undisturbed.


3. She has a deep understanding of people and will always be there for you.

Her books let her meet myriad characters and situations. So, expect her to understand you perfectly and stand by your side through thick and thin.


4. She’s probably the best lover ever.

After all, she has read almost all the novels on the shelf, from Lady Chatterley’s Lover to Fanny Hill!


5. Gossips? That doesn’t feature in her dictionary at all.

Who has time for that? She is either with you, at work or with her books.


6. You can share almost everything with her.

That includes everything from your inner most secrets and past crushes to the hard time you are having at work.

She knows how to tackle difficult situations.


Having read so many stories and thoughts of great writers, she knows how to change her and your life for good.

7. She is one kickass person who lives in reality.

No! For once, here you get a partner who has actually grown out of the fairy tales, and loves to live in reality! Her innate love for fictions (and, non fictions) has taught her to accept situations as they are, and face them headstrong!


8. Intelligence turns her on.

You don’t have to play dumb as you’d do with those high maintenance divas with little brains and complete lack of originality.


9. She is probably a dreamer — and you would love that.

She is full of hope. And life is good when there is hope – tons and metric tons of that.


10. Here’s a girl who will give you more importance than Whatsapp!

For real face-to-face, fun chats mean a lot to her than expressing herself over Whatsapp through silly emoticons!


11. She’s a great listener.

She has all the patience in the world to listen to your never ending stories. Who waits until the end of a 400 page book, just to know how two imaginary characters end up in their lives?


12. Do you really feel “Proposing Marriage” is a Man’s job?

If she thinks you’re perfect for her, she won’t wait for you to propose to her. She’s a “one man army” herself.


13. Bitching on anyone’s back? Who’s got the time and energy for that? Definitely, not her.

She would rather save the energy to get herself some new books and read them up as quickly and intensely as possible!


14. Bimbo? Who, she?? Are you sure?

If you think pretty girls are “bimbos”, think again. She’s intelligent and witty with a great sense of humor.


15. Elegant demeanor and timeless charm define her best.

She has had enough share of the Victorian Elegance and the French Sophistication.


16. She doesn’t ponder over her figure all the time. She loves to eat, drink and rave!!

After going through innumerable books, she has learnt one thing by heart—there’s one life, so enjoy it till it lasts!


17. She’s an adventurer at heart—literally.

After all, she had read up almost all the adventure novels on the shelf. And, from hitching a ride and hiking up the hills to surviving on local food—she has done and is ready for just everything!



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