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Woman Criticizes A Man’s Dating App Bio, Twitter Solidifies To Set Her Right!

Updated on 31 January, 2019 at 12:08 pm By

Online dating in an enticing space that has become really popular in the past few years. The virtual world gives many the possibility to be the best-refined versions of their true selves. But it isn’t free of pitfalls. On one hand where there is the possibility of meeting someone. On the other hand, it also leaves you vulnerable. And recently, a student from London was at the receiving end of this situation when someone ridiculed his dating app bio.


Yes, a girl apparently came across his dating app bio and ended up making an insensitive comment about it. Wondering what was so bad in the bio that led to the girl making such a comment? Was it called for?



To begin with, Rizal is a mechanical engineering student in London. For his Tinder bio, Rizal came up with a unique idea. He made a presentation listing out points on why to swipe right, his hobbies, achievements, and stuff. Many would call the bio really amazing and innovative. But someone made an insensitive tweet about the bio. Check out the dating app bio and the insensitive tweet:




The tweet naturally made Rizal feel bad. And he made this known via the following tweet:



It is disappointing how people make such harsh remarks without taking others feelings into consideration. But guess, Twitterati isn’t one to let such shots pass by this easily. Soon after Rizal’s tweet, many began tweeting in his support. This is what some of the tweet responses went like:



The presentation was fucking gold



She could have just left this alone



I think it is super cute, to be honest



You are a handsome king



Who said you are ugly, rise up my friend



You are a real catch



If anyone is lame, then it’s her




So what did you think of Rizal’s dating app bio? Amazing right? Or do you agree with Ellie? Well, whatever your views, do let us know in the comments section below. And remember whether the virtual or the real world, we must treat others with respect.

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