11 Reasons Why Dating A Teacher Is An Awesome Idea!

10:15 pm 5 Sep, 2018


We’ve all had a number of teachers during our years in school or college. You may have also had a crush on a few. And why not? Come on, they are wonderful. Now, many ‘young’ graduates are coming into the teaching profession and students couldn’t be happier.  Like a teacher you’ve been meaning to ask out? Do it! Here’s why dating a teacher is an awesome idea!


1. Vacations can be boring, like super boring! You can have ‘special, extra’ lectures, just for yourself!




2. Damn, they are pretty selfless. They are pretty and selfless!



3. Their only aim is to mould young, stupid minds like yours. And, she’ll do that pretty well



4. Damn, they are a pool of knowledge where you can take a swim anytime



5. If you do something good, be pretty sure, a reward is coming your way



6. You’ll be flooded with awesome, amazing and cute stories of their students. There’s some entertainment!



7. Relatives? They easily know how to impress them and shut their mouth up



8. You will love playing hide-and-seek with the school or college management



9. They know many tricks to trick parents



10. During a fight, they’ll be the ‘sensible’ and ‘mature’ ones and get the relationship back on track



11. Thinking about the future? Teachers are great with kids, true story!



So, now that you know the reasons to date a teacher, will you date one?