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Dating A Strong Woman? Here Are 20 Things She Will Expect From You

Updated on 19 October, 2019 at 12:43 pm By

A strong woman is like a pampered princess, but one whose riches (metaphorically) are her own creation and not handed down by someone else. By the time you meet her, she’s probably journeyed inside and outside herself to discover what she’s worth, and she will absolutely adore her lover if he grants her the same value.


In her relationships, her expectations are never worldly, but something that resonates with her conscience. So, if you’re the lucky chap, dating a strong woman, knowing what follows here in this list will help you know what pleases her the most.

1. She doesn’t have time for pretense.

If she said “Yes” to a relationship, that’s probably because she likes the man inside you and not your appearance. That doesn’t mean you have a license to remain shabby at all times but remember the ground rule – be yourself!

A strong girl is like this:

2. Don’t ignore her; she would want you to give her complete attention at all times.

If you want to be with her, she better be included in most of your conversations. She doesn’t want you to drop everything and call her every hour of the day but some adorable texts and telephonic updates (as you’d do in case of your best bud or family members) will keep her happy.

3. Group appearances mean a lot to her; do NOT make her feel left out.

Treating her with respect is the basic ground rule.

4. If you really want to make an impression, make a genuine effort to like her friends and especially her best friend.

Impress her best bud even if she appears to be totally against your relationship. This girl, for example, will at first make it really difficult for you to get close to her strong, independent friend. But impress this friend once and you will never have to impress anyone else.

5. If you guys fight, she will expect you to have a man-to-man conversation with her and not run off.


Men, who are unresponsive or loud, please do not apply. She can have a mature conversation.

Strong woman


6. Let her be; leave some room for her to be real.

Being rational is her soul food. You’ve got to be rational even if she seems to be out of her senses or when she acts weird or when she is angry. Just don’t stop being a rational guy. The only alternative is to be a really adorable boyfriend or husband.

Strong woman


7. You cannot make her feel guilty for taking out time for her work and career; she likes to be in control of her life.

You handle your life, she will handle hers. When you two tie the knot, she will help you figure out how you two handle the two destinies entwined.

8. If she wants to commit, she will do it because she is ready and not because her parents asked her to get married.

She gives two hoots what her social circle will think.

Strong woman


9. If you can call a spade a spade then you two can rock the world. Else the party won’t last for long.

If you are a wishy-washy kind of guy, don’t even think of it.

10. She expects her partner to believe in the equality of sexes.

If you are thinking of dominating her, you are seriously mistaken. Say “Sorry” if you ever sound even remotely chauvinistic.

Strong woman


1. Grooming is hardly an issue with her but if she chooses not to wax or go bra-less on Sunday, don’t you dare look down on her.

Learn to live with it! You are one lucky man to have her in your life.

12. There is no harm in discussing all your future plans (at length) with her, but don’t make the mistake committing to a timeline.

Do you plan to quit smoking? Will you own an apartment some day? Plan everything but don’t make promises you don’t know you can definitely keep. Be real.

13. If you are expecting her to do the dishes and the housework too, ask your mom to find you a girl.

This girl will expect you to divide the work and time.

14. She doesn’t need fancy dinners or sports cars. Instead she wants an honest man, who is way past the dating age.

15. Once you make it official, she will want you to announce it to all and sundry.

No point in shying away from the truth. She doesn’t care what your friends in Delhi, aunties in your hometown or ex-girlfriends on Facebook think when you update your relationship status or share a lovely picture of you two together. You may not want to announce anything at all but trying to hide the relationship status – she will sense it.

Strong woman

16. If you think she will respond to your every text and call, you need to grow up mister.

17. If you try to move things too fast, she will stop you in your tracks; you need to match her pace, for that perfect ending.

18. Snide comments are a strict NO.

If you have an issue, speak to her in private.

Strong woman

19. When your girl makes an effort, appreciate it; she will do the same.

She may or may not show it always but she will always be really happy each time you express gratitude for doing all cute little things she does for you.

Strong woman


20. She trusts you not to mislead her and trusts you to take care of her.

If you are looking for a fling, don’t waste her time. Pursue her only if you mean to stick around.




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