17 Signs That Show You Are Dating A Woman And Not A Girl

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5:00 pm 13 May, 2015


While girls are everywhere, real women are a rare commodity. They ‘don’t go with the flow’ and they ‘don’t always fit the bill,’ but if they’ve chosen you, be sure that you are special.

Want to verify if the one you’re dating is a real woman and not a girl? Here is a list of 17 signs to look for:

1. Real women tell you exactly what they want, and follow through it.

They will be clear what they want in a relationship and from every aspect of life.



2. More than anything else, she will demand your respect.

She won’t let you walk all over her, without earning respect from you.


3. She won’t let you get away with anything. She will call you out on your shit.


4. She knows your value and that is the only reason she let you into her heart.


5. She will constantly challenge you and change you.

She will argue, she will challenge your thoughts and premises, in order to bring out the better side of you.


6. She will fight with you, but only to build a deeper connection with you.


7. She is going to fascinate you every day with her ideas and opinions about the world.

And because they are firsthand experiences, they will be completely different from those of other people.


8. She will be your equal or greater.

Be it professionally or otherwise, she will share an equal standing with you at every step of life.


9. She’s both independent and ambitious.

Be it small goals in life or bigger ones, a real woman is independent and seldom needs your support. She’s ambitious and has the capacity to challenge her own abilities.


10. A real woman does not want you all the time.

She’d rather have a man doing his own things, rather than unnecessarily clinging to her. She values her own space and wants the same for you.


11. She wants you to be there with her selflessly, but without losing your own space.

She won’t mind if you tell her this:


12. If she’s real, she does not expect you to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer.

She wants you to be happy and likes to see her man passionate about the things he does.


13. She hates games of any kind.

There’s no pretending with her. If you’re simple and plain, show it. Don’t pretend to be cool, she’ll catch it instantly.


14. Her attraction towards you goes beyond your looks.

She likes to make deep connections with your soul and not just your looks.


15. She’s pretty, but she never uses her physical appearance to get your attention.

She doesn’t knock around like empty cans. She silently sails across the shores.


16. A real woman feels great respect for her body and therefore, she would not share it with just about anyone.

If she’s chosen you, you do have the sincerity she’s looking for.


17. She always reflects upon her actions and has a clear vision of the things she wants.

And how she’s gonna get there.




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