15 Reasons Why You Should Date A Punjabi Guy

Updated on 2 Jun, 2015 at 4:27 pm


Punjabis are known for their loving and bindaas nature. What better than having a boyfriend with these qualities! To top it all, Punjabis have a rich tradition and culture and are, no doubt, extremely fun loving people. It’s quite an experience to date a Punjabi guy and here are 15 reasons that prove it.

1. They are born with great physique!

One thing common in every Punjabi guy is that they have an amazing physique and personality, and most of them look like the cute chocolate boys every girl has a crush on. Girls who have a thing for broad chest, Punjabis are the guys for you! They have that physique even if they haven’t spent long hours in the gym.


2. They are chivalrous.


They are very caring and chivalrous, and know exactly how to make their girl feel special and important.


3. Very protective.

Every girl wishes for a protective boyfriend. Punjabis are very protective in nature and the bindaas factor in them will make them do anything to protect you from danger.


4. Punjabi food is the ‘real’ food.

Most Punjabis are foodies and a lot of them are brilliant cooks too! You can enjoy some mouth watering Punjabi delicacies with your Punjabi guy and what better than he cooking for you!


5. Party all night.

No doubt Punjabis are the real party animals. They know exactly how to party and live their life to the fullest. One can experience this in the cocktail party organized before any Punjabi wedding.


6. Be a part of the big fat Indian wedding.

Punjabi weddings are a celebration one would definitely love to be a part of. It’s almost a week long celebration with each day filled with equal enthusiasm and fun. You can also get to be the bride of a Punjabi wedding if your relationship with your Punjabi guy takes you there.


7. The Sardar jokes.

If your boyfriend is a sardar, you can annoy him or tease him with sardar jokes. And he won’t even mind.


8. Off to Canada.

If your relationship lasts forever, you might settle in the beautiful country of Canada as half of Panjab is there and every Punjabi guy dreams of settling in Canada.


9. Cool family.

Punjabi parents and family are filled with cool and fun loving people.


10. They are the best entertainers.

Most of the Punjabi guys have a great sense of humour which is definitely one of the most attractive quality in a guy. They know how to entertain you or make you happy when you are upset.


11. They have the heart as innocent as that of a child.

Punjabi guys are extremely kind hearted. They are super young from heart.


12. They are really good in bed. Trust me with this.


13. The beard, it looks so manly and sexy. And the turban just adds to it.


14. They are super expressive. They will not feel scared to kiss you in front of a huge gathering.


15. And more ‘aloo ka parathas’ maybe?

Love takes you another level!




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