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14 Reasons Why You Should Date A Pahari Girl

Updated on 21 November, 2015 at 7:45 pm By

Pahari girls are special in many ways. You wouldn’t know unless you really get to know one. And if you’ve gone with one of these angels in your life already, consider yourself very lucky. No kidding.



Let me enlighten you more on this.

First things first, Pahari girls are pretty. But that is just the outer shine; inside a mountain girl resides a brave and resilient heart full of compassion. They belong to the mountains and embrace nature’s grandeur in their being. With delicate smiles as refreshing as the alpine breeze, and eyes that speak of unknown depths, it’s truly a pleasure to date a Pahari girl.

It’s going to be the most adventurous experience of your life to date a mountain girl, and here’s a list of reasons that go past just their pretty looks:

1. Yes, she has flawless radiant skin, without a dash of makeup.


2. The red glossy cheeks won’t let you take your eyes off her face.


3. And this pretty girl from the mountains will take you to places you never imagined existed.


She knows the way to hidden valleys. She knows about the cliff, from where you two can see the rivers gushing down.


She’ll take you to beautiful temples perched on mountain summits. At the end of it, you’ll be left awed by whatever you see around, including her.

4. Close to her roots, a Pahari girl will sing you sweet melodies from the hills you never heard of.


5. Even with her tussle hanging loose, and clad in simple Pahari attire, she looks more than a million bucks.


6. She is compassionate and in love with nature, animals and people.

Know that she will love you with all her heart.


7. Chances are that she is adventurous as hell.

She looks delicate, but boy, she’s tougher than that.


No more worrying if your girlfriend can trek with you to the top of a summit, try sky diving or anything else. She will pull through a trek or participate in any adventure activity just like a pro.

8. She is independent but never too clingy.


She will let you if you want to. But you’ll regret doing it.

9. Pahari girls are idealistic, innocent and (really) romantic.

Still untouched by the cruelties and harshness of the world, Pahari girls live in a dreamy world. Everything in their world is beautiful.


10. They don’t want worldly gifts; they just want you and your time.


11. Perfect marriage material – a Pahari girl will love and respect your parents and look after your family like her own.


Pahari girls

12. She is going to be fashionable, no doubt; but she really would be low maintenance.


13. If she knows how to drive, she may be better than most people you know.

Pahari roads are treacherous; they are narrow and it’s not easy job to drive over them, but if a Pahari girl knows how to drive, she will definitely be one of the most skilled drivers you’ve ever come across.


14. Pahari girls are not the easiest to pursue but their parents are humble, poised and very easy to please.

Even if you fail to impress her jolly folks at first, the altercations aren’t going to be more dangerous than this.



What do you think? Write in.

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