14 Things To Know About Dating A Girl Who Really Loves Beer

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Updated on 14 Mar, 2016 at 11:09 pm


It must be a man who said that beer is not for girls. We can say for a fact that women who drink beer are much more sociable, are ready for a challenge and fun to be with. If you are dating a woman who drinks beer you are in for a roller coaster ride. Get ready for unlimited fun!


1. The lady cares two hoots about the number of calories that she is consuming.

Keep the count to yourself, she is really not interested. And if she’s not bothered, why spoil a good thing?


2. To have a good time is her ultimate goal.

This woman won’t be bothered about dirty gossip, plotting and planning. All she wants to do is pop open a bottle, put her feet on the table and relax.


3. To look and behave ladylike is the least of her worries!

She is capable of opening the bottle with her teeth, and she really doesn’t care what you or others around think of her. Leave your petty squabbles at home.


4. Do not make the fatal mistake of assuming that she doesn’t know her beer.

Instead, she might give some insights about it herself. Don’t embarrass yourself!


5. She is game for anything that you throw her way, till the time it means fun.

This girl does not need much entertaining, she’s there with you because she wants to be.


6. She’s chilled out but she is not dumb. She will have a straight NO when she does not agree with you.

Don’t try to force your opinions on her.


7. Beer only means big burps! Well if you can, why can’t she?


Don’t think too much, blame it on the beer.


8. Just because she loves beer doesn’t mean she loves watching the game too.

That might be true for men, but not necessarily for women too.


9. This woman does not need a caretaker! She needs a man, who can match her spirit and her passion for life.

And she can take very good care of herself.


10. She will never be high maintenance! In fact, we can guarantee that she will appreciate the small pleasures of life.


11. She’s at the bar just to have a good time, and she cares two hoots what society thinks of her.

Let her do her thing and you do yours.


12. Just because she is drunk, she won’t sleep with your best friend.

Even if you hang out with the same gang every day, she will never cross the line.


13. On a bad day, just be there for her, don’t necessarily offer her a Corona!

Not every girl will choose the bottle over you.


14. There is no competition between both of you!

But she might just beat you to how much you can drink, if you challenge her.