18 Reasons Why Dating A Colleague Is Awesome Beyond Words

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10:00 am 11 Dec, 2015

No matter what your company policy says about not dating colleagues, spending so much time together can always arouse an intense liking and probably love for one another. Just think about it! Finally, you’ll have someone to comfort you, support you, guide and advise you. When you win, surprise lunch dates await you, and in sadness, you’ll get a big hug.

What more do you need in love?

Life could be so perfect when you’re able to spend each day knowing the other person up and close. Still in doubt? Here’s a list of 18 reasons why it will awesome to date someone in the same office:


1. You look forward to spending every day in office.

You know someone’s waiting for you in office. You know you’ll spend the rest of your day with that person. Awesome!


2. Working late is not an issue anymore.

It’s sweet how you guys wait for each other to finish work. Then a quick bite together or if it’s the weekend, a long dinner date, maybe.


3. Office politics? No worries. There is always someone who’s got your back.

Someone’s always there to reverse office politics and even avenge the wrongs done to you, if need be.


4. You can trash-talk about everyone you dislike at office and not worry at all.

Bitching about people you don’t get along with in office is so comforting. To top it, if your boyfriend or girlfriend knows them, the gossiping turns out to be spicier. Even in anger, you get a reason to laugh together.


5. Last minute deadlines? A helping hand is always available.

Struggling with workload? It’s wonderful when your partner can see your tense brow and offer a helping hand to ease things a bit.


6. One big smile from them is enough to cheer you up.

Feeling gloomy? Your partner sees it, comes over to your desk with a cup of coffee and a small love note written on a folded tissue paper. You read it and start smiling. What more do you want? *Nothing! *


7. No more waiting for the weekend to see each other, it’s dating all seven days of the week.

Every lunch break or a coffee break seems like a date when you are dating someone in the same office.


8. You are violating the company policy! Hell yeah, it’s fun sneaking out as lovers.

Hiding from others in office, giggling when you pass each other and still not admitting this to your colleagues – isn’t that just too exhilarating?


9. Quick kissing sessions in secret places or touching each other’s legs under the desk – office romance can be so hot!


10. Cute office surprises that will brighten your mood and lighten up your day.

A lovely rose on your desk or your favorite chocolate under the file will make your day. And such surprises are in plenty when both love birds are in the same office.


11. Office disagreements can always turn into hot make-out sessions later in the day.


12. Back from office, you need not discuss work anymore; it’s been done and left inside the walls of the office.

At home, it’s just home and your little world is filled with love and care for each other.


13. Prospects – you can become great team players and perfect life partners.

You are aware of each other’s working styles and can make great team players. No worries about discord, ill-built teams, politics and so on. Who knows, your boss might even approve the idea of colleagues dating?


14. Office gossip, you will not miss out one latest update.

Something just happened around his desk, and you get a WhatsApp update instantly. She catches her neighbor flirting with the boss, and pings you immediately. What fun this is!


15. Not just personally, now you guys know each other professionally as well.

It’s easier to understand each other’s professional aspirations and ambitions. You know exactly how much they are working and what they expect from the future. You’ll be happier to give each other space and time to achieve what each of you wants, individually.


16. You will never die of jealousy when your partner talks or shares a drink with other hot colleagues.

Because you know everyone around, there is hardly any chance of your partner cheating on you.


17. That sweet time when you wait for each other at the day’s end just so you two can leave together.


18. You may not chit-chat all day, but feeling the presence of your special someone somewhere near is just awesome.

You can make instant outing plans. Planning for the weekends is also simpler. Every office trip can be a honeymoon for the two of you.


Do you have an office crush? Go ahead and try your luck! All the best.


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