16 Things That Happen When You Date A Chubby Guy

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12:00 pm 19 Dec, 2015

When you date a chubby guy, some people might assume that you have a fetish for the unhealthy, while others might think that you like a solid man on your side. You may make the common mistake of putting all fat men in one category, but in reality you might be surprised to find a quirky poet, a geek scientist or a modern art painter among them.


1. Come winter, snow storm, or a bad mood, he is the perfect boyfriend to snuggle with.


2. Chubby guys are like walking-talking body heaters. They are literally hot!

But come summer and you will be forced to love him from far.


3. You will have so much to squeeze on the rear.

Do you really need a man with abs, when the chubby guy has so much more to offer?


4. Get used to the annoying comments that will pour in from every quarter: “You can do better than this!”

Seriously, nobody said a thing when you were dating the skinny steward from the cafe down the road.


5. You need to tell him time and again that you simply adore his big stomach and backside.

Even the chubby guy knows that he is being judged for his appearance and that can make him sad.


6. They are super lovable and won’t mind your body imperfections, just like you don’t mind their’s.


7. Forget about being figure conscious! Enjoy your fill the way you want.

He’s not going to stop you…


8. In his apartment you will always find something to munch on.

He will never send you to work on an empty stomach. And they always have the yummiest snacks in stock.


9. Some of you might find them super sexy, with each of their attributes loud and clearly defined.


10. They can pretty much do everything that a thin man can.

Just because they are big and cuddly, don’t assume that they will be slow and lazy too.


11. Most of them have figured out that since they are not physically cool, they need to be extra smart in their personality.

They have a great sense of humor, and the wittiest jokes to share.


12. You will be spared any gyaan to join a gym and eat well.

Since he won’t obsess about it, you will be spared the discussion too.


13. You will definitely feel like a model in the making when you walk with him.

A chubby guy can never steal your thunder. You will always remain the prettier one out of the two.


14. His hugs will be the warmest, and you will wish they’d go on forever.

No sticky bones poking into you here.


15. You will never have to worry about other women getting jealous.

A chubby guy is not any girl’s first preference. That said, they don’t know what they are missing out on.


16. You get a boyfriend and bouncer in one. You never feel unsafe around him.

Since he is so strong and big, you feel that you finally found your knight in shining armor.


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