12 Reasons Why It Is Better To Date An Anti Social Guy Than That Goody Fella You Know

7:00 pm 25 Apr, 2015


Now-a-days, who isn’t social? A rare case exists, it does. However rare it may be, girl you are one of the luckiest to have that guy. You are a butterfly; he is a ‘lone’, you party like animals; he doesn’t like human animals for company. Well it’s said, ‘opposites attract,’ rightly so? Let’s check out.
Here’s why dating an antisocial guy is totally worth it.

1. It’s a risk, yes it is! If it doesn’t pay off, so be it. But if it does, there’ll never be anything better for you.


2. Cheating? With another girl? Check his contacts, 90% of ‘girls’ will be cousins! 5% colleagues and 5%.. Umm… Girls who hate him!


3. He will play hard to get and that’ll drive you more crazy to get him.



4. He isn’t a social buff! He doesn’t roam around posting his pooping time on facebook. You’ll get to know about him, by himself!


5. You’ll can enjoy within yourself as long as you’ll want, coz he is used to being around the same, less people.


6. He is not much of a roaming person and doesn’t know many places either. You get to be the ‘planner’ in the relationship.


7. There is no ‘WHY did you like that girl’s selfie?


8. It’s so much better when you get to spend much of your time indoors and a surprise outing once a while.


9. He spends so much time with you, whichmakes him possessive about you. AWW!


10. He is a person who is least bothered about what others think and you’ll can freely enjoy your relationship.


11. He will be besides you in what you do and he will be the last person you’d expect to judge you.


12. He’d express his love openly to you, to your face. Not with a cheesy caption on his Facebook page.