14 Reasons Why Dating A Taurus Guy Is Incredible

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10:00 am 7 Nov, 2015

Every woman yearns for a guy who is reliable, committed, loyal and hopelessly romantic. Well, a typical Taurus guy has got all of these qualities by default.

If you have been toying with the idea of dating a Taurus guy, we hope this list will keep you from getting any second thoughts.

1. Taurus guys are dependable; you can count on them like a friend for anything.

They will always stand by you.


2. Taurus guys will endure any hardship to help their friends and family.


3. Taurus men are classy and sophisticated and you don’t have to impress them with extra make-up.

They will like you the way you are. That been said, you can put on truckload of makeup, show up shabby or just be your natural self.


4. They are mostly calm and down-to-earth; their easygoing nature will make you feel comfortable in seconds.

And the fleeting moments when he is not calm come around only when someone has been horribly unkind or unjust to him or you.


5. Taurus men are extremely loyal and committed to their partner; they don’t believe in one-night-stands.

If he says, ‘I love you’, he means it.


6. Ruled by Venus, such guys tend to be sensual and romantic.

You will get enough sexy time as they crave for the sensual pleasures of life.


7. They can face any challenge and will give their best to fulfil all your wishes.

That been said, they are not very good at decoding women. If you want to say something or want him to do something, you got to say it loud and clear.


8. A Taurus guy will protect his significant other come what may.

They will become an action hero just for YOU.


9. Taurus men are smart enough to tell the truth in a very sweet and charming way.

He will not lie, but put forward his honest opinion with a sweet twist.


10. Taurus guys are realistic and rational.

Once he is around, you will begin to get a sense of long lost stability in your life.


11. A Taurus guy would prefer staying home and spending quality time with you over weekend drinks, parties and games.

It’s not that they don’t like partying or going out. It’s just that they appreciate finer things in life.


12. Taurus guys are creative and will show their affection in thoughtful ways.

He might design a birthday card for you, sing a song, create a photo collage or cook a nice breakfast for you.


13. Deep down, Taurus guys are sensitive and emotional.


14. Believe me, such guys are complete marriage material; when they say “I do” they MEAN it.


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