Danielle Wyatt Demanded Something From Virat Kohli Indirectly, And Tweeple Shared A Good Laugh

12:18 pm 16 Apr, 2018


It wasn’t long ago that we all got to know about England’s beautiful and talented cricketer Danielle Wyatt’s fascination with Virat Kohli. The cricket player has proven that she’s also one among his million fans, time and again with her active tweets and appreciation for him. Like a sweet fan girl (which most girls are in his case), Danielle Watt has also confessed her love to Virat openly on the social networking site after meeting him in India.



It was in 2014, that she took it to Twitter and proposed Virat Kohli openly, asking him to marry her! This daring proposal only proved her love for him, but she did stir up a  controversy with this tweet:



And her respect for him only raised more eyebrows in 2017 once again, when she excitedly tweeted about training with the bat gifted to her by her idol Kohli!



By now, everyone knew of Danielle’s love for Virat, even though he was in a steady relationship with Anushka Sharma. Because of her open confessions,the media speculated about cracks in his relationship, which was assumed to be at stake because of the friendship between the two cricketers.



When her crush decided to get married finally, the fan girl wished him good luck for his journey ahead and won praise and some sarcastic comments on Twitter for this.



There’s no doubt that Virat still holds a special place in her heart. Even during the ongoing cricket matches at the International Premier League (IPL), she’s in full support of her favourite team – no guesses there – it has to be Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) because it has Virat Kohli in it.



On April 15, she once again showed her love and support for ‘the men in green’, but this time, in an unusual manner. She didn’t tag him in her latest tweet, but it was enough to let everyone know that she still has a thing for him! Here’s what she tweeted:



From her tweet, it looks like the beautiful cricketer is in love with the RCB team’s green jersey and wants one for herself! But Twitterates couldn’t help souring her broken heart and and once again, Wyatt got trolled like never before. This is how people reacted:



Pyaar ki ek kahani!


She still loves you!


Secretly dialling!


May be you can take his jersey!


Seedha Bola Na!


Wear a 69 on you!


RCB or Virat?


Take off your shirt, Virat!


While some were not that mean and supported her sweet request and gesture:






Danielle Wyatt and Virat Kohli met in 2014 during India’s tour to England. When Virat came to Nottingham, she and her brother Max met him and that was it. The two have been in the headlines ever since her confessions.

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