7 Roles With Which Daniel Radcliffe Broke His Conventional Harry Potter Image And Left Us Spellbound

7:26 pm 23 Jul, 2018


Harry Potter is a name which needs no introduction. A simple and honest boy who had it rough in life but eventually achieves much in the offing, that’s who he is. Portraying such a role can be a challenge for anyone, but we are thankful to Daniel Radcliffe who certainly brought the character to life. From his simple and modest looking face to his perfect acting skills, Daniel Radcliffe is a force to reckon with. No matter whichever character he opts for, he just brings the best out of it somehow!

Now if you think that Harry Potter is all that he has got, then you are sadly mistaken. There have been times when Daniel Radcliffe broke his traditional Harry Potter image and proved his versatility as an actor. The roles which he opted for post Harry Potter, say it all!



1. Equus (2007-2009)

Equus‘ is a 1973 play written by Peter Shaffer. In this play, Radcliffe plays the role of 17 yr. old Alan Strang. In this play, he even appeared naked on stage which is quite contrasting to his typical Harry Potter image. With his tremendous acting skills, Daniel proved that he had it in him from the very beginning. The play was very well received by the audiences and the production was transferred to Broadway.



2. The Woman in Black (2012)

The Woman in Black’ came in 2012 just after ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2‘. In this supernatural horror, Daniel plays the role of  Arthur Kipps, a widower. Never in our wildest of dreams, we could have imagined Mr. Potter playing the role of a grown-up widower.



3. Horns (2013)

We all know the sweet and well-behaved Potter but in this dark fantasy horror film, Daniel is the one who is having horns over his head. Sounds like the devil right? In this movie, he plays the role of a man named Ignatius Perrish who is accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend. How he manages to prove his innocence and what is the reason behind those horns? Well, the very air around the film seems mysterious. In this film too Radcliffe shines and breaks his traditional Harry Potter image.



4. Kill Your Darlings (2013)

In this American biographical drama, Daniel portrays the role of a poet, Allen Ginsberg. The role was challenging as the plot was set in the 1940s, but with his flawless performance, he proved once again that Harry Potter is not the only role he was meant to do! What caught the attention of the audiences was his somewhat different avatar. From head to toe, he looked different yet great!




5. Swiss Army Man (2016)

Another movie which proves that Harry Potter is not the only phenomenal role in Daniel’s list. In this comedy-drama adventure film, Radcliffe plays the character of Manny, a living corpse. I mean how many of us can think of portraying the role of a corpse which is alive? Challenging as it is, Daniel left everyone speechless with his phenomenal performance.



6. Imperium (2016)

American thriller crime drama ‘Imperium’ starring Radcliffe came out in 2016. In this movie, he plays the role of Nate Foster, an FBI agent who’s working to uncover terrorist plots. This role was different as compared to the roles which he had opted for earlier, but with his rough and tough look, he was successful in leaving an impression.



7. Jungle (2017)

In this film, Radcliffe portrays the role of Yossi Ghinsberg an Israeli adventurer. Released in 2017, ‘Jungle‘ is a biographical survival drama film. With his impeccable performance once again he broke the stereotypes associated with him and Harry Potter.



Well, all this goes to prove that when it comes to acting, Daniel has got a thing or two up his sleeves. Interestingly, today the actor has his 29th birthday too.


Happy birthday Daniel Radcliffe!