Selfies With A Python Almost Costs This Forest Ranger His Life. Watch Video

5:34 pm 18 Jun, 2018


Selfie is the latest fad and there are very few who can carefully save themselves from its wave. From stylish to unsafe, people capture the various form of selfies to show off. It’s like the coolest currency to make a mark on social media and get 15 seconds of fame. For that, people often crosses the realm of common sense and gets engaged in dangerous acts. While some selfies have pushed people too close to danger, others have claimed lives.

Today’s story is about a forest ranger and how he put his own life to risk for gaining momentary fame. However, before that here is a collection of some of the riskiest selfies ever clicked.






Snacks for shark?



Hope the bear understood the humor!



This is why auto-pilot was invented!



Taking a selfie with a python around your neck might seem like a cool thing but it isn’t! No one can know this better than this forest ranger who almost lost his life while displaying this bravado for the masses. The incident took place in a village in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. The ranger along with his assistants captured a 40 kg snake that was about an 18-foot long after being called by the villagers. The procedure after catching such snakes is to put them into a sack and take away. Later, they are released into the forest.



However, the officer identified as Sanjoy Dutta had something else in mind. Instead of taking the snake away he decided to display his ‘bravery.’ He curled the snake around his neck to allow the villagers to take photos and selfies. What followed shocked everyone! The situation got slippery when the snake started coiling around the throat of the ranger choking him.




Soon he started walking away from the crowd towards a safe place. A man, probably one of his assistants, rush to his aid while gripping the snake by its tail. While walking away Dutta is heard saying ‘nothing will happen’ and ‘hold the tail’ before successfully taking the serpent away from the scene. Watching the video will certainly make your heart skip a beat:


The video soon made the Twitterati react, here’s what they wrote:





However, if you think this kind of foolishness happened for the first time, then you are wrong. Back in 2016, a python attacked a man while he was trying to take a selfie. Here’s the video:


How far will you go for selfies?