‘Dangal’ Promotion Strategy: Mr Perfectionist Is Out Being “Different” Again

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11:11 pm 26 Sep, 2016

Aamir’s eccentricities are about as well-known as his movies. He’s always been picky about the scripts he chooses and he’s spent decades being Bollywood’s resident recluse. The man has disappeared from the public eye more times than one cares to remember.


It was only with ‘Dhoom 3’ that Aamir finally changed his ways and started showing up for the film’s promotional events and such like. He even went so far as to doing a few interviews — the one on ‘Koffee with Karan’ being the most notable appearance he made.


With the release of ‘Dangal’ just around the corner, Aamir seems to have found the middle ground between his habitual reclusiveness and the hoops he had to jump through for ‘Dhoom 3’. The actor has taken to hanging out with his ‘Dangal’ family in rather public places — a dinner here, a movie premiere there — he’s doing it all with his real and reel family in tow.


With just about three months to go before the film’s release, the ‘Dangal’ team has been rather quiet on the publicity/promotion front. As promotion strategies go, this one is rather unique. Whether or not it works, remains to be seen.



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