The First Song Of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ Is Dedicated To Kids Who Call Their Father Hitler

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5:22 pm 11 Nov, 2016

Aamir Khan is all set to launch the first song of his upcoming movie ‘Dangal’  on the occasion of Children’s Day. The song, Baapu tu sehat ke liye hanikarak hai’ is an ode to Children’s sentiments towards fathers.

However, the song is ironic when compared to Aamir’s offscreen persona. No matter how disciplined Aamir may be toward his work, he is a chilled out father.

He believes in understanding his children and being a friend to them rather than being firm. He has never been able to say no or refused them anything and reasons things out with them.



Aamir allows his kids to make their own decisions and is not at all strict and is more like a buddy to his kids. Whether it’s Ira, Junaid or Azad, they get away with whatever they want, with him.


Earlier this year, on the occasion of Father’s Day, Aamir’s daughter, Ira, shared her sentiments towards her father. In a social media post, she wrote,

My childhood would not have been the same without the chess games you let me win and the monopoly games you always won. You’re the best father I could have asked for. Happy Father’s Day <3

The post is proof of the bond that Aamir has with his children. In contrast to his equation with his children, Aamir will be seen performing the role of a fierce father, Mahavir Singh Phogat, who pushes his daughters Geeta and Babita relentlessly to achieve higher career goals.


The song shows him being extremely strict, pushing them to follow a routine and not giving them one minute’s respite.


‘Baapu tu sehat ke liye hanikarak hai’  is about the gruelling training period that the girls are going through. The song is a representation of all the emotions undergone by their little hearts on being persuaded to excel in wrestling.

Written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, the song is penned like an anthem where the children are telling their father that you are not good for our health. Even the lyrics themselves are like that the little girls are telling their father that he is too strict.

Baapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh haanikaarak hai
Baapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh haanikaarak hai

Humpe thodi daya toh kar
Hum nanhe baalak hain
Humpe thodi daya toh kar
Hum nanhe baalak hain ..

Discipline itna ..

Re discipline itna
Khudkushi ke laayak hai
Baapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh haanikaarak hai…

Dangal’s trailer has raised our hopes for the song. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out here…


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