‘Dancing Uncle’ Sanjeev Srivastava Just Made Our Day With Two New Infectious Videos

1:40 pm 3 Jun, 2018


In the last 72 hours, professor Sanjeev Srivastava’s dancing video has went viral on various social media platforms. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, people are just not ready to get over their new muse, the dancing uncle. Popularly known as ‘dancing uncle’, Sanjeev Drivastava’s dance moves are thrilling enough give you a boost of energy and nostalgia. People are comparing his moves to that of Bollywood legend Govinda. With every passing hour the views on his video have only been increasing.




Dancing uncle is now an international craze too. We told you previously in another story, how Americans are copying his dance steps. And now, when his popularity has crossed all bars, the dancing uncle has decided to entertain his fans more. The truth is, there are two new video that he has just been released, which are getting viral again on the internet.



In these two videos, he could be seen doing his phenomenal moves, and one just can’t ignore his facial expressions. The die-hard Govinda fan is seen dancing to “Soni De Nakhre Sone Lagde” song from Govinda’s film Partner.


Srivastava is in his 40s but his energy is infectious, so much that he became a #1 overnight! Srivastava is an assistant professor of electronics at Bhopal’s Bhabha Engineering Research Institute. The first video that has gone viral was shot in Gwalior on May 12, during a wedding reception function of Srivastava’s close relative.



We are sure these two videos would give him more popularity! We hope he will keep bringing to us more of this entertainment.

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