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Dancing Uncle Participates In Show ‘Dus Ka Dum’, Reveals A Past Tragedy

Published on 15 June, 2018 at 2:50 pm By

Sanjeev Shrivastava, aka Dabbu Uncle aka the Dancing Uncle, is a source of entertainment for the nation ever since his first dance video went viral. The dance video we are talking about is a video of Shrivastava dancing in a family function. The video shows Dabbu on the stage dancing to the song ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se’.


‘Dancing Uncle’ seems joyous in all his videos & interviews, but there is bound to be a tragedy in every life. The same holds true for this latest internet sensation. But before we go on about that, let’s see what led to Uncle’s immediate fame.

Here’s a look at the first video that Dabbu posted on his twitter account:



Read more about the Dancing Uncle here.

Dabbu’s newfound popularity took him to many places including dance show ‘Dance Diwane’. He also had the opportunity to meet his inspiration and Bollywood dance legend, Govinda.



And the latest opportunity to knock on his door was a chance to be a part of star Salman Khan’s show ‘Dus Ka Dum’. Here are a few pictures of Dancing Uncle from the sets of ‘Dus Ka Dum’.

Shrivastava Dancing on the show:

Salman Khan shaking a leg with the Dancing Uncle:

Shrivastava also posted some pictures from the set on his Twitter account:

On the show, when Salman Khan asked about what makes him dance for the videos, Shrivastava revealed a personal tragedy.

According to Shrivastava, he has been dancing since his childhood but this recent success gave him a lot to be thankful for. About a year ago, Shrivastava’s younger brother died untimely in a train accident. This left his mother depressed, and she cut off from the world. The buzz created around their house due to the video going viral forced his mother to step out of her first-floor room. She came downstairs to check what was going on downstairs in the house. And when she watched her elder son’s video, she smiled and laughed for the first time in a year.
Looking at his mother laugh after so long, gave him immense pleasure and made him dance more; thus more videos.

Here is a teaser of the show ‘Dus Ka Dum’:



The Dancing Uncle also revealed that he does not take any form of monetary payment for the videos. The happiness he gets to see on his mother’s face after a long dark period is payment enough for him.


Sanjeev Shrivastava is an inspiration to dancers of all ages. But more than that, post this revelation he is also inspiring people to dance through the tragedies in life.

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