Dancing Man, Who Was Mocked By Cyber Bullies, Gets A Mega Party In Hollywood

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 2:18 pm

Sean O’Brien, who gained fame as the “dancing man” after anonymous cyber bullies uploaded his picture on a social networking site and made fun of him, finally got a party that was thrown for him by his supporters.

The massive party took place in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and O’Brien, 47, who is from Liverpool, was flown down for the event.


The party was the brainchild of two women who wanted to turn O’Brien’s negative experience into a positive one. “I’ve been really overwhelmed by the amount of good I’ve seen from the world in this,” said event organizer Hope Leigh.

Celebrities Pharrell and Moby, who had offered their support for O’Brien when he first went viral, performed for the crowd.


Even Monica Lewinsky put in an appearance to support the event. He is now scheduled to throw the first pitch at a baseball game Sunday and will also perform for the stadium’s dance cam. Before his party, he danced with Meghan Trainor on the Today show.

O’Brien, amazed at all the support, said, “This all started because somebody tried to be nasty and it turned good so quickly.”


Another worthwhile cause that was aided by the party was that it sparked a lot of donations for anti-bullying charities.