A Major Part Of Bihar Dam Collapses Hours Ahead Of Its Inauguration By Nitish Kumar

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12:27 pm 20 Sep, 2017


Hours ahead of its scheduled inauguration by Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar, a huge portion of a dam in Bhagalpur’s Kahalgaon reportedly crashed down. It is important to note that the government has spent 389.31 crore on Gateshwar Panth Canal Project, its ambitious irrigation project which aims at improving the poor land irrigation system that the state is coping with. As a result of the collapse, Nitish Kumar had to cancel his visit meant for inaugurating the dam.

India Today quotes state’s water resource minister Lallan Singh saying,

The dam broke due to release of water in full capacity. The incident has not caused any damage to the newly constructed part of the project.

Dam in Bhagalpur district of Bihar collapsed on Tuesday Aajtak


It is reported that the dam was built in order that the water can be collected in a canal to facilitate the irrigating of crops. It would provide relief from lack of irrigation facilities to 18,620 hectares in Bhagalpur, Bihar and 22,658 hectares in Godda, Jharkhand.


As the construction collapsed, former deputy chief minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav got a chance to slam the present government for corruption. Himself charged with a number of corruption cases, Yadav in his tweet said that another dam was a sacrifice to corruption. Here is what he tweeted:


As the dam collapsed, several low-lying areas got flooded as the water rushed into the residential places of Kahalgaon and this has created a situation of panic in the village. The district magistrate and senior superintendent of police immediately rushed to the spot upon getting the information of dam’s collapse.