These Diljit Dosanjh Songs Will Make You Fall in Love With His Voice

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1:54 pm 13 Oct, 2018


Punjab’s multi-talented Diljit Dosanjh is well known in India for delivering numerous hit songs. After leaving an indelible impression in Punjabi music industry, to the rest of India, he was introduced through Udtaa Punjab. And he instantly became every girl’s crush, because of his adorable looks. His fashion sense along with his great acting skills, only made the list of his female admirers longer, with each passing day.

The songs sung by Diljit Dosanjh have been featured in the handful Bollywood movies that he has been part of so far. And these surely made him loved by his admirers even more.  So, digging into his singing skills, here is a look at some of the best romantic as well as peppy Diljit Dosanjh songs which will make you fall for him, even deeper !

Ikk Kudi

When you search for romantic Diljit Dosanjh songs, this one shows on the top. With his debut movie itself, he gave us a romantic track we would always remember him by. He sang it such that every girl felt like, and wished that she was the ‘Ikk Kudi’ he was singing about!




Though the movie didn’t do all that well, Diljit once again managed to steal our hearts. It was not just by his acting, but more because of this romantic track.


Dum Dum

Another hidden gem from Phillauri, this song is an unconventional one and takes time to grow on you. But, nevertheless, it is indeed one of the best Diljit Dosanjh songs out there!


Ishq Di Baajiyaan

Soorma was a recent addition to his Bollywood movies, where his acting skills were claimed to be the best so far. It even gave us another favorite to be added to our Diljit Dosanjh songs list. The fact that it is a romantic track only adds to the charm of the singer!



Your search for the perfect wedding song ends with this one! Though not a romantic track, this one is definitely one of the best Diljit Dosanjh songs, as it is peppy and has that Punjabi touch which makes it energetic.


Sadda Move

Another one of Diljit Dosanjh songs which doesn’t fall under the romantic songs category, is this song from Raabta. Not many people know of this hidden gem as yet though. So go check it out if you’re looking for another reason to like Diljit even more.


Pant Mein Gun

Another peppy Punjabi song, this one is from Welcome to NewYork. Add it to your party songs as this will definitely make your feet tap. The lyrics are a little offbeat, but we know Punjabi songs can be like that, right?


Move your Lakk

This is another one of the peppy Diljit Dosanjh songs which need to be added to your list of party songs, right away.  It even has Badshah as an add on, which just makes it yet another reason for this song to be on your playlist!


Naughty Billo

Not many people know that, over and above giving us two of the most romantic tracks, Diljit also gave us a peppy song with his movie Phillauri. Naughty Billo is another one of Diljit Dosanjh songs which would be the perfect choice for a wedding song.



Go listen to them and add to your reasons on why you like him so much.

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