The Murder Of Dalit Man In Telangana In The Name Of Honour Killing Has Infuriated Twitterati

6:47 pm 17 Sep, 2018


Honour killing is one of the most heinous crimes prevailing in the Indian society. While people think of it as restoring their family’s ‘honour’ in order to kill a member of their own family, the society goes beyond all extends to protect it. People tend to choose the inhuman act of killing their own family members because they practice their freedom to marry the ones they love, outside their caste or religion.

Unexpectedly, a similar horrific incident has taken place in Telangana’s Miyalguda town where a Dalit man was brutally murdered by the family of his wife in the name of honour killing.




23-year-old Pranay Kumar was ruthlessly killed on September 15 in broad daylight by his wife Amrutha Varshini’s father and other family members, because Pranay belonged to a lower caste. While Pranay belonged to Scheduled Caste, Amrutha was from upper Vysya community. Apparently, the couple eloped and got married six months ago despite strong opposition from the girl’s parents.



While they were happily living with each other, their lives came shattering down. When the victim Pranay Kumar was coming out of a private hospital with his wife, a tall man slashed his neck twice from behind and killed him in front of his wife Amrutha.



Being aware of the girl’s father’s attitude towards their marriage, the Nalgonda Superintendent of Police A. V. Ranganath said,

“I had warned the father of the girl, Maruthi Rao, but we didn’t expect this extreme step. It is a classic case of honour killing. His cordial behavior was a pretense. We feel sad that despite being aware of the problem we could not prevent it.”



Police have arrested the father of the girl, his brother Sharavan Kumar and three others in this alleged caste killing case, Maruthi Rao alleges that he paid Rs 10 lakh to the hired killer, and the police are still on the lookout for the killer.



Shockingly, according to reports, Amrutha, wife of the victim is five months pregnant with his child. Amrutha’s father told that police that, “honour” is more important for his family than his daughter.



This incident has gained huge momentous on the social media as the netizens are shaken with developments in the case. As they are outraged, they have posted some tweets to express their anger and dismay against the honour killing incident.

Have a read at some of the tweets here:



Indeed, there isn’t!



What is happening!



End that phrase!



How low will we stoop?






Is anyone listening?



Killing someone for love?



Justice has to be served!



We all are!




As expected, Amrutha, wife of the victim, has vowed that she will never go back to her father and will live with husband Pranay’s parents.