This Dalit Rapper From JNU Sets The Record Right On Casteism, And You’ll Agree With Him

6:06 pm 17 Aug, 2018


The disparity in India crops up from varied sources like wealth, caste, gender, religion, education and more. The whole of the Indian population is split into castes, which are further divided into sub-castes. Caste system forms a divide even between people belonging to the same religion. Casteism is hence a major issue in India and a lot of Indian citizens have been at the receiving end of the disparity. And a Dalit rapper boy has recently declared war on this practice via his raps.

It is disheartening to hear of incidents of caste discrimination, but it is nonetheless a brute reality. And Sumeet Samos, a Dalit student in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has decided to make a change.


Dalit Rapper

Sumeet Samos. Source


Usually, the activists like personas and kurta pyjama attires set JNU students apart. But Sumeet, the ‘Dalit rapper’ is far from this image of an ideal JNU student. Donning loose t-shirts and baggy jeans, Sumeet has made it his life’s mission to fight casteism through rap music.



One ought to think that Sumeet must love rap music since he chose it as a medium for voicing his opinion. But this is not true. Here is what the Dalit rapper reportedly said  about why he chose rap music:

“I used to hear a lot of speeches and debates against casteism which were lengthy and boring. I wanted something that can be easily understood. That’s when I decided to start singing and writing rap music.”


Samos is 25-yrs-old and is currently in JNU’s Centre for Latin American Studies. Getting into JNU is a big deal for a boy who hails from a small village in Odisha. And Samos understands that this gives him a better platform to present his views and make a difference.

Check out a rap video of the Dalit rapper below:




Besides rapping, the Dalit rapper is also a member of the Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students Association (BAPSA). It is a group of students who actively fight against casteism. Even though Sumeet is famous for his music, most others misinterpret ‘Dalit’ rap, to be rap for Dalits.

But Sumeet begs to differ, here is what he says:

“The upper castes think that what I do is just for Dalits. No, I am talking about castes and that involves you as well.”


Here is another one of Sumeet Samos’s Dalit raps:



Well, this is definitely an interesting way to fight for one’s beliefs. What do you think?